CoD Vanguard players demand removal of “squad spawns” after CDL Kickoff

After watching the CDL Kickoff Classic, Call of Duty: Vanguard fans are urging the devs to remove the infamous squad spawn system from the game. Spawns play a huge role in dictating the outcome of a CoD match. In objective modes, it is important to hold down certain areas of the map so your teammates can be close after dying. However, in Vanguard there is a system called “squad spawns.” This allows players to respawn close to a teammate regardless if there are enemies nearby. This has been a known issue since the release of the game, but nothing has changed. Following the first competitive event of the year, players are now demanding that it’s removed.

Reddit user ‘AMS_GoGo’ posted a thread that showcases a major problem from the CDL Kickoff Classic.

During the semi-finals, the LA Thieves killed three enemies but since one player (#2 in the image above) was still alive, the rest of the team was able to spawn close to the Hardpoint.

This was thanks to the squad spawn element that in part of Vanguard. Without killing everyone at the same time, the game will register that someone is close for the team to spawn on.

Because of this, it allowed Ultra to flood the hill and contest the point long enough to edge out a 250-248 victory.