TikTok is testing subscriptions similar to those of Instagram

The online spaces we depend on in our daily lives are slowly allowing content creators to make a living out of them. Few years ago, creators would typically depend on platforms such as Patreon to monetize their content. “Regular” social media websites didn’t offer any serious tools of the sort — for the most part. Slowly, though, these platforms are giving creators and users simple ways to connect and exchange content for money. For example, Twitter recently introduced Super Follows — which allow users to paywall some of their tweets. Additionally, Instagram has already started testing subscriptions that let people pay a monthly fee for exclusive stories, live streams, and more. The latest platform to follow suit and introduce paid subscriptions is TikTok. The company is testing the feature with a small group of people.

The Information as reported (via Android Headlines) that TikTok is testing a paid subscriptions feature on a small scale. It’s unclear how exactly it will work, but it will be offering exclusive content offered by participating creators. The app already allows users to tip their favorite creators. However, a subscription feature would further motivate fans to pay to unlock exclusive, paywalled content. There’s no word on when and if the feature will roll out widely. It’s also yet to be seen how the company will actually present the feature. Plenty of TikTok users stick to the For You page — where they can browse through an endless stream of tailored content. So users who don’t follow particular creators wouldn’t necessarily have a reason to subscribe to any of them.

While some people oppose the focus on monetization features in social media apps, plenty of creators appreciate them. Instead of having to link to other, not-as-popular platforms — such as Patreon — creators can directly sell their services on apps they already have fanbases on.

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