RVD v1.0.0 – Rainmeter Skin

You can obtain this rainmeter skinn from My Deviant Art Profile

This is my very first skin but i have spent some time on it so it should all work well.
Call of Duty Vanguard skin AKA RVD is a full skin based on the huge triple A title.
This skin includes a layout which was done for 1920×1080 (i will add more)
here is a video on how to setup the skin : YOUTUBE VIDEO

I developed this skin using windows 11 so i cannot vouch for compatibility with other versions of windows.

It is advised to make your taskbar auto hide to get the full experience.

I obtained the wallpaper for this skin here :

TRN Website





CPU Temp
GPU Temp
CPU Clock
CPU Usage
GPU Clock
GPU Usage
Clan / Username
All major folder shortcuts
4 x Launchers with 3 programs per launcher
Full Volume Control
Web Search (uses default browser)