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Russian websites down as Ukraine asks hacking groups for help…

Government websites went down on Thursday as hacking groups around the world began to punish Russia Several Russian government websites, including the official Kremlin site, were intermittently unavailable to users in Russia and other parts of the world on Thursday. The websites went down just hours after Russian troops invaded Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin […]


Wordle creator feels one thing about the sale of his mega-hit game – Josh Wardle says his ‘biggest sense isn’t joy. It’s relief’

The mastermind behind the five-letter word brain teaser that has captivated much of the puzzle-loving world chose a seven-letter word to describe his emotions after the New York Times paid more than $1 million for his brainchild: r-e-l-i-e-f.  Brooklyn-based British software engineer Josh Wardle, who released Wordle three months ago, cashed in Monday after The […]


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