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One app which is above the rest. A no hassle 3rd party media application for everyone to use compatible with ALL android devices.


Watch movies, tv shows & live tv for free on Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc


Watch movies & tv shows for free on Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc


Website and Application which work together to make the installation of applications as simple and as easy as possible.

UK Turks

Start scraping the internet for FREE video / stream content now by installing the UK Turks Application!

More Coming Soon

I have a few other projects in the pipeline and will be shown here when they are available



Hello, I am a multiskilled developer competent in many development languages with certificates and degrees for each coding language. I have over 20 years experience in development and it is now a full time career for me. 

above you can see just some of the applications I have developed and are still being maintained by Inside4ndroid Studios.

Freelance Work

I am happy to consider all types of freelance work so if you have an idea or just need a developer please get in touch.

Ideas & Plans

Your ideas and plans could become a reality at a fast pace.

One to One

I will personally deal with your work on a one to one basis with realistic timeframes.


My Skills

Here are just some of the areas and skillsets I have to be able to provide a quality developer experience.

Java is one of my strongest skills I can fluently write code in java and produce full stack test units with the end result of multi device applications. Everything is possible when creating an application using Java.

Html5 is another big topic of mine. With Html5 and CSS I can produce some quality website designs for any scenario.

PHP is something I use when creating backend API's or even database driven applications. PHP is an extremely useful language with many benefits across all platforms.

C++ and C# are both languages I use when developing Windows applications among other things. I also use it alongside Unity for game development.

I can produce some nice GUI interfaces and Sprites for all applications I build.

These will be used alongside the Html5 and CSS to create responsive and speedy websites.

Lets Talk!

Want to discuss anything? Please use the form below.

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